Thursday, April 30, 2015

Armor Image Dump

Today I am presumably prepping. There is so much sand in my house. I don't know what to do. Can one wash sneakers? I'm going to find out. All of my 15-minute chargers and all my 15-minute batteries are... dead. So I'm switching over to lithiums. So much for the environment. Actually, at less than $2 a piece for the vastly improved number of hours they run they might be better for the 'viron. I dunno.
My sister is designing a deck of cards I want these so much so much want now.
You'd have thought that for five thousand dollars we'd have got something that looked this good.
I gotta pick up a Helix today. I gotta figure out how to use it.
The new Kindle works fine.
We need a log book and stuff to put on the wall for a shrine. Dog tags, pictures, that sort of thing.
I want to create a new numeral system for a number system that goes to 12

(box with vertical line through it)
(box with horizontal line through it)

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