Saturday, April 04, 2015

The Oceans of Ganymede

The Gallien-Krueger bass amp plugin by Audiffex is really quite remarkable. First of all it really feels like a miked amp. It really does a musical job of making the bass "better-er". There's a weirdness with the plugin in Samplitude where it seems to lose the preset you were on when you re-open the project or if you split the object it's in, but the sound quality is fantabulous and I can just "freeze" the tracks where I've applied it.

I am particularly proud of my guitar lead on this track. Marc did all the work by coming up with that ostinato. The slow guitar is kind of exactly the thing I've been working toward for a while -- that legato, melodic sort of "sung" lead.
As of this writing I'm still working on the mix. The bass recording was noisy. I don't know what that was about -- converters needing a reboot, bad pots on the fretless, an issue with phantom power? I was too busy playing guitar to hear/do anything about it while we were recording.

In the meantime I saw Marc's band this week. They were awesome. But that's another blog post.

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