Thursday, April 16, 2015

And then there's today's blog which is filled with minimal information

One of the things I need to keep in my little head is exactly what flavor of "4K" we're shooting this picture at. The Blackmagic Production 4K is 3840x2160 in Quicktime and so I have also set up our brand-new GH4 to shoot at the same aspect ratio and 23.98 frame rate.
I had kinda held out a tiny sliver of hope we'd get the Blackmagic camera today. It's supposed to come tomorrow.

Tuesday we pile on the plane to fly to Colorado. Right now it's snowing. Which is... right? I know.
This says "Pandora Machine" in an alien font.

Tomorrow there are more fittings. Whenever I think the word "fittings" I think "fitting and just". Milton. Or something.
The important part of this is 3840x2160.
Remember: 3840x2160

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