Friday, April 24, 2015

Day 2 1401

I know, I'm actually pointing in this shot. Isn't that the most cliched thing in the world?
Andrew Bellware, Laura Schlachtmeyer, and Sarah Schoofs. Picture by Tony Travostino.
It's not hot out there. But it is dry. And it is over a mile in elevation. Here we're at about 8200 feet.
Sarah Schoofs took a picture of me after I got to the top of this one dune. We're still several hundred feet below the summit.
I like the Blackmagic 4K camera. It's a bit unwieldy though. The autofocus, at least at an f22, seems to work pretty well. I haven't figured out how to really make the iris button do what I want.
Making backups at night is actually a fairly big job. It takes several hours. So far I've blown through about 360 GB on the internal drive. And you know with how fast we shoot that's because the 4K (even at ProRes instead of RAW) eats data for breakfast.
There is dust everywhere. In my pants' pockets, in my (ugh) ears, and all over props and costumes. We do everything we can to protect the camera.
Tomorrow is our last day out in the field. I have one pickup I need to get I haven't told the cast or crew about. Hopefully nobody will notice that I'm doing it.
One of the first tests to your cast and crew is passing across a 750 foot mud plain. For some reason I have been consistently more luck hopping from mud clod buried just below the water. But note you will become completely wet this time of year.
When we got back all tired from shooting, Chester Poon made us an amazing dinner - a very Hong Kong rice noodles and chicken (and a tofu option). He added enough garlic, that's for sure.
We're on schedule. Moar soon.
Now I have to get a lot of sleep.

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