Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Robot Messiah

Next up on the hit parade is 3rd Degree Silicone. This is to be a burned android look. Wish us luck.
Sarah Shoofs is the new prophet of the Robot Messiah. 
I did two dumb sound things. Three. Three dumb sound things this weekend. But I don't think we're going to be punished for them.
The first thing is that I recorded the first two of three days at 44.1kHz. Well lucky for us it's the FUTURE and we have machines and software which can handle 44.1 and 48kHz on the same timeline. It doesn't seem to be bothering us.
Dumb thing number two is that I was recording three sets of stereo tracks for each take. Derp. Then I went and started recording mono tracks. Believe me, by next weekend I'll be down to one interleaved 6-channel broadcast wave file just like I'm supposed to. For now I'm just syncing the audio, then going and syncing more audio to the same take.
Lastwise we did exactly the thing you'd expect to do when you think to yourself "I'll shut off the transmitter and the record channel on the character we don't need to record." Then, of course, we got to the next scene and never even wired up that character. The irony is that character speaks all his lines directly into another, wired-up, character. So it's all good actually. Even though he wasn't wearing his transmitter, his receiver was turned off, and the channel he records to was deactivated.
Picture-wise we've been having some epic battles with autofocus. I have every reason to believe the haze has been tricking the focus and making it "pump". Which is spectacularly annoying. But we have figured out the better way to flop the focus into manual and to keep the pumping from happening. That just... took a while.


Kangas said...

Autofocus is for pussies! :) Always use manual...that way you only have yourself to blame later if something's soft.

Andrew Bellware said...

Did I mention we were using a Letus Helix? You can't grab the focus ring when you're operating that thing. ;-)

society12 said...

What were you using to record sound?

Andrew Bellware said...

Tascam 680 has been our sound recorder on the last few pictures.

Kangas said...

Your focus puller should be moving along with you perfectly, his fingers barely touching the ring, not offsetting the delicate balance, and it's a beautiful dance you two will be doing!

But I'm high, and I also don't have a focus puller.

Andrew Bellware said...

Or a remote focus unit!

Yeah... I'm high too...