Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What I like

Things I like better about Adobe Premiere than Apple's Final Cut Pro

  • The ability to import frame sequences as footage. Good grief that's annoying in FCP
  • The fact that if you make a mistake in your sequence settings it doesn't mess up the size of all the footage inside it, you can just fix the settings and all the footage doesn't need to be manually resized
  • A single button to export a frame grab (this has irritated me about FCP for years)
  • Not having to transcode every bit of footage before bringing into the project

An advantage FCP had was that the playback cursor would snap to objects just like objects snap to objects when, you know, snapping is on. But the deep dark secret is that Premiere works that when when you hold the shift key. Premiere actually has the advantage there as it means one doesn't need to keep flipping from snap-on to snap-off as much.
Like this picture, I have no idea what's going on here. That's Amanda Sayle; and Laura, Queen of Mars (and two hikers in the background). But it's a frame grab and that's fun.

The Lumetri Looks in Premiere? I find them disturbingly helpful. Like "I don't even use Magic Bullet anymore" useful. And when I figure out how the tracking works on mattes in color-correction, it'll be all over but the crying.
Now I did set the hot keys in Premiere to be much like the ones in FCP. So "a" is the selector tool instead of "v" for instance.
The human eye. ISO of 800 (will auto-set to as low as 1 ISO during daylight). Resolution of about 75 megapixels. F-stop of 3.5. Focal length of 22mm.


Kangas said...

Yeah I really never understood how people were complaining about all that transcoding they had to do for their footage before editing. I'd say to them Premiere can edit it without transcoding, and they'd say No, no way. No possible. (and technically Premiere does transcode, but you can work while it's doing it, and it doesn't take long...)

Andrew Bellware said...

The transcoding was annoying as all get out. It meant that I'd have two folders -- one with all the original camera footage, and another with all the transcoded stuff that Apple could work with. Oy.
Now that I know the "shift" trick to get the cursor to snap, I feel much better.

Kangas said...

I never have snapping problems for some reason. Dunno. (and I didn't know the shift trick, but never really needed it with Snap on)

But lemme know if you run into a weird issue I've been finding, but not finding any answers to. I have like 12 tracks of audio, and can only see the first 6(that's how wide my timeline is set at). So I try to scroll down to see the bottom tracks--my timeline won't scroll. Not with the wheel, not with the arrow. I have to physically make my timeline taller to see all the audio tracks.

I can find nobody else who has had this problem. It's weird. And my CC is totally up to date...

Andrew Bellware said...

I'll keep a lookout for it. I don't have that many tracks... yet.