Friday, May 01, 2015

1401 day 4

Version one of the picture on Sagan's shrine. These are Joe Chapman's costumes, actually, Tony is wearing one of Joe's old flight suits!

We based the image off this Vietnam-era image.
They may get a CG Goose ship behind them.

Set by Joe Chapman and a gang of others. The working panel is amazing. And just look at the amazing lighting by the Queen of Mars! That's Sarah Schoofs and Bob Teague (costumes by Caitlin Cisek).

More Sarah and Bob.

This is what this enormous flipping set looks like. It's huge, no? All Joe's designing. A further list of the artists involved to come...

Tony Travostino will not believe that the meteorite could be a rescue ship... or worse...

Bob Teague was woken early in the morning to an emergency. All the sweat is real. ;-)

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