Thursday, February 28, 2008

Actor, Poet, Lover

So I've been on a rampage, insisting that some of my friends have web pages. Maduka Steady, who's basically like my little (more talented)1 brother, has been parking his domain for (as far as I can tell) years.

So I finally built his site. Just one page. He's going to take it down as fast as humanly possible so I did a screen grab for posterity. Here it is.

I've never seen him this close to being irked before. He's really, really embarrassed about the "Actor, Poet, Lover" thing.

But hey, the man's a poet. And just look at those eyes...

Just gets you all hot 'n bothered, doesn't it? ;-)

In cat news I've developed a new cat emoticon:

1I don't mean more talented than my other brothers, just more talented than me.

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