Sunday, February 03, 2008

I Come From the Land of Noodles

Yesterday I was rotoscoping Daryl's butt for the first half of the day. Then Emi came by the studio and we went through the edit as it is. I'm really happy with what we have in Solar Vengeance. The drama works well, the music and sound effects she's chosen are wonderbar. (And best of all, I didn't have to do any of it! ;-)
We're very close to having locked picture on the entire movie.

Today there was a party at the Source. I got some kind of award.

At the party I ate a slice of pizza. Then I had chocolate, cheeses, a chocolate-chip cookie, and two mango-peach vodka drinks with a lot of vodka in them. I had more crackers and salami because I was drunk. And I had some water because the whole thing made me very thirsty.
I came home and marinated cheap steak in expensive vegetable oil and had that with a bag of Caesar's salad just to try to have some normal food.

Now, I play this game every year where I try to not find out who's playing in the Superbowl. I know the Giants are in -- it's hard not to because the Giants are a local team. I believe the New England Patriots are playing. How are they the "New England" Patriots? You don't have the "South Western Broncos"? Anyway.

Now the trick is to see how long I can go without knowing who's won. Considering the din outside in the fair city of Brooklyn it seems like a more local team hath triumphed. But yet I know not.

And yes, this makes me proud. Don't spoil it for me.

If you know the outcome of the election however, take the stress off of me and tell me. I will be voting in my first Primary of my life in two days. Until now there has not been a primary in New Jersey where the candidate hasn't already been a fait accompli. I will have a chance to affect the future.

I want my country back. Please? Can I have it back? You know, the one that didn't torture people? The one that was obsessed and methodical about the Geneva Conventions? The one where we were a nation of laws, not men? Can I have that back please?

Last night we ordered Thai food. Emi, who was born and raised in Japan, lifted high some Pad Thai into her bowl using chopsticks without spilling or dripping. My amazement at her great feat caused her to utter the words "I come from the land of noodles."


Joshua James said...

I've always thought it strange that the New York Giants were called "New York" Giants since, as you probably know, they don't play any of their games in New York . . . all their home games are played in New Jersey . . . so technically, they should be the New Jersey Giants, don't you think?

Andrew Bellware said...

I guess it works the same way New York sends its trash to New Jersey...