Friday, February 29, 2008

Sadie Hawkins

So, after my debacle with Picasa, I had to figure out a way to host my images.

So I'm using this thing called Gallery on my website. I loaded it through Fantastico, which is basically the only way I can do anything on my website because I do not understand PHP or CGI or Linux or... well... anything.

After a protracted battle involving installing other applications and learning the weird file structure on the server I have an images gallery.

This picture, which is linked directly to my gallery, is of Maduka Steady, Laura, me, and Ben Sulzbach on location shooting Solar Vengeance.

Update: it doesn't seem that my server likes it when Blogger uses one of its images. I'm going to see if that can be changed. If you see two pictures here (the same picture twice) then I've solved the problem...

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