Friday, July 04, 2008

I Can Has 12 Days

Yep, this is a 12-day schedule for 0802 The Uprising. We have no locations yet, nor any cast. We'll be shooting in September. I'm afeared we're going to be doing 3x 4-day weeks. I'd rather do 4x 3-day weeks. But the schedules of the locations and the actors will determine everything.

Note that a character's number in red means they're dead or killed in that scene.

Now where am I going to find my hypersleep chamber?

Here's some more reality in regards to theatrical distribution and the facts-of-life regarding advances of only $25,000-$50,000 for Sundance award-winning pictures:

"If I were to go with one of the established distributors, it'd be certain that I'd lose all my money."

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Joshua James said...

Awesome. 12 days? HOly Shite, batman.

did you see the HEAT post I have in the Dojo? It's pretty cool.