Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not Kidding Ourselves

Our sales rep wrote to me: "Don’t kid yourself, a Terminatrix movie isn’t such a bad idea."

And we're not kidding ourselves. We know The Asylum does these movie "tie-ins" as a matter of course now. The buyers love 'em (and the fan-boys become apoplectic -- "How dare they??!!!"). Heck, we might be able to get some decent size sales if we did that.

In fact, our rep said they did well with their Iron Man picture.

Horror is right out. The glut in the market everyone has been waiting for has finally happened. They aren't selling and nobody's interested. But sci-fi still has a chance.

So we're making a little look into the future at things the Big Six studios have coming up:

The Watchmen: I don't really like comic books that much. Making a tie-in to a picture like this would be a biotch to script because you'd have to make all your backstory from scratch. Wait, what? We do that all the time anyway! In any case, someone would have to get mighty motivated to write a screenplay like that for us.

Death Race: Good grief, they're remaking Corman movies. It's a lovely irony. In any case, The Asylum have already gone there. Death Racers.

Terminator: Well, between the TV Series and the "T4" movie, this is more up our alley. In fact, we have a picture in the works with a terminatrix-android so maybe we'll be in time just like our sales rep wants.

Princess of Mars: now this is just perfect. Plus the source material is in the public domain.

Where on earth is a comprehensive list of greenlit sci-fi movies?


Joshua James said...

We can remake ZARDOZ!

BTW, Roger Corman just became my friend on FACEBOOK.

Andrew Bellware said...

Dear Lord, somebody has to do a remake of ZARDOZ. As soon as someone in Hollywood says "go", we're following up!

Ooh -- now I'm gonna go find Roger Corman on Facebook too!

Chance Shirley said...

I like where you're going with this. Total Corman-style (Piranha! Battle Beyond the Stars!). A "tie-in" of a remake of a Corman movie is beyond ironic.

Wish I had time to write something Watchmen-like for you -- I do really like comic books, and coming up with a lean Watchmen-style script would be a fun challenge (as the original 12-issue series is awesome but not lean).

I was just thinking about the John Carter Mars stories last night. Wikipedia says they're public domain, which would make them obvious fodder for low-budget sci-fi flicks. You could probably get the whole series done before Pixar's big budget version comes out in 2012 or whenever.

Joshua James said...

Battle Beyond The Stars is an awesome flick . . . Jim Cameron did a lot of the models for it, and some other stuff.

Andrew Bellware said...

The key here is to make a movie which ties into a big Hollywood release. It's just that they tend to make a lot of remakes.

Yeah, doing a tie-in to Corman is somehow so perfect it's SWEET!

I'm gonna have to get the Watchmen book now. . .

Joshua James said...

I have that book, don't think you'd dig is as much, but maybe not . . . but it's cool . . . the movie is gonna be a real challenge, that's for sure.