Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kathleen Chudleigh

My cousin Kathleen Chudleigh died on the 6th of July. She was one of most everyone's favorite people in the world just as soon as they met her. She was warm, giving, generous, and of course my favorite memory of her is just silly.

It must have been July 3 1991. She and I sat in the front row of the now-defunct Menlo Park movie theater at a late-night show on the opening of Terminator 2. It was a lot of fun to watch this crazy and violent sci-fi movie with my kind Buddhist cousin. We had a great time.

Kathleen made the world a better place while she was in it. (Maybe she's still making it better.;-)


Joshua James said...

I'm real sorry for your loss, man.

InGenius Festival - Voices from the Writers' Forum said...

So sorry, Drew.

Pages by Design said...

thanks for sharing the memory. And I love the idea that she continues to make this a better world. I can buy into that and I bet she would, too.