Sunday, July 27, 2008

One of the Eight

OK, so I'm one of the eight people in the world who thought The Dark Night sucked.* It seemed that not a single damn character did a single damn thing which was motivated by their character (I mean, other than a prisoner on the ferry.)

Everybody thinks Heath Ledger was great in the movie. Apparently, great acting is having good diction, being able to hit your marks (although he was mostly out of focus while walking around the party), and chewing up the scenery into tiny little pieces.

Hmm... I sound grumpy don't I? Maybe I just need some sleep.

*I also don't like daleks. I don't even care if they're supposed to be capitalized. They're silly and when they show up I get very very bored. "Ex-teeeeeer-minate!" indeed.

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jengordonthomas said...

i didn't like it either. the story was bad. the editing was terrible. i was bored for the most part.