Sunday, July 13, 2008


I finally spent a whole night in Princeton NJ. My parents, for reasons unknown, never moved a bed into their spare bedroom. It's not that we didn't have a spare bed specifically for the purpose of going to their new apartment. No. It's just that they, with the encouragement of my idiot usually brilliant sister, just didn't.

So I had to bring the bed there. And it was a bear to get up to their apartment (luckily a dolly was found to get the bed to the elevator and then to their apartment). All in all it would have been MUCH easier if the movers had just taken care of it when my parents first moved.

To celebrate I set the sofa bed on fire. And threw it over the balcony.

At least I got to pet the cat. Pushkin seems pretty happy in the new place. And I finally have a place to actually sleep there when I visit.

But Princeton? Sheesh. Is there anywhere to eat there? It's a beautiful campus and town and all, but man does everything close up by midnight on a Friday. There aren't even any grocery stores open. Everyone ends up at the freakin' WaWa near the train station.

I made this LOL cat from the lolcat builder. It's not actually Pushkin but it kinda looks a little like what he might have looked like as a kitten.

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