Monday, May 19, 2008

Greenlight 0801

I've been working for the last few weeks getting ready to get another picture in the "5 pictures in 2 years" plan going.

Today we greenlit another picture.

0801 "Dominion", written by Montserrat Mendez, about a combat android who has her memory erased on a military space station, and now that the station is under attack she doesn't know which side she's supposed to fight for.

I'm doing a re-write now, then it'll go back to Mozz, and back to me, and then back to him with final notes.

Tentative start of principal photography: August 1.

These are pictures of Pushkin being very cat - like in front of the refrigerator.


Chance Shirley said...

All right! Sounds like a fun script. Glad to see you're getting back into production so quickly.

Andrew Bellware said...

Thanks! Of course, this had been a long time in the works, the announcement of the greenlight is coincidental. We would have greenlit last week but the printer didn't work so we couldn't print out contracts! ;-)

Chance Shirley said...

Even the over-priced behemoth printers we use at my day job don't work half the time. All this awesome technology available, and printers still suck.