Sunday, May 18, 2008

Whew, Big Sucky Day

Well yesterday sure sucked! In short, I've left 0704 The Shriven project because it's a trainwreck-in-progress. I feel guilty because I knew a long time ago that the train was going to run outta track but I just kept thinking "Oh, it'll get better." It didn't. Ick.*

So now that's what? I have to do only 4 movies in the next two years, or do I still have to do 5? Hmm... I dunno, gotta run the numbers.

In the meantime, lotsa post to do and I still have to run off dailies for reels for actors. It takes an overnight render on an Intel quad-core machine to make h264's of an hour of footage. There's gotta be something wrong there.

*As an indicator of the trainwreck it was going to be, I offered that they get another cameraman and finish the show. It's about 1/2 shot and could be finished theoretically. But the other producer rejected that idea. Which is, of course, because getting another cameraman would finish the movie and that just ain't gonna happen.


macrogers said...

Shit, Drew, I'm sorry to hear that.

Joshua James said...

I'm sorry, man.

I guess we need to have a conversation soon, hmm?