Sunday, May 11, 2008


My new fake band, Pleasure for the Empire, was named by a random band-name-generator. So I figure that the music we play should all be written by random generators. Or at least the lyrics should.

Here's a virtual "Yes" lyric generator. It created this (after I gave it words like "glass paper weight" and "Boerum Hill"):

Softly lying mind
Under graceful glass paper weight
Glass paper weight ascending meeting
To enjoy close to Boerum Hill
Joyfully around Boerum Hill
Me should not be arriving brightly
Clear certain glass paper weight
Open certain stage
For Boerum Hill under wonderous glass paper weight
All of us
Moon hearing ascending
Angel never shall be happy
Up heaven while warm glass paper weight
Lovingly making sky
Slow happy glass paper weight

Yeah, that sounds like half an album's worth. Now what about the other half?

Oh look, another lyric generator (you have to register).

Sat alone bleeding into the sun

Verse One:
The blue daytime of the cloud occluded air
Do you dream I would be there
Golden witch whose kisses turn to ashes in my mouth
That's not how things were supposed to be

Sat alone bleeding into the sun
You were always the perfect one
Her hair blotting out the daytime light
So I took what's mine by eternal right.

Verse Two:
Eyes like knives, skin like armor
And that's what you've done too
A hollow shell of a man, shall never love again
I told you, I loved you, now thats all down the drain

Chorus Two:
Sat alone bleeding into the sun
I wish you would've grabbed the gun
Her hair blotting out the daytime light
I know that we could make it right

Chorus to Fade

And musically where do we model ourselves? I've always found that I use too many influences so I'm trying to simplify. I've been thinking for the coming Pleasures for the Empire is that we be a art-rock outfit from, say, 1968. Now I'm thinking we should think in terms of pop music like Santana's Evil Ways. Not Latin percussion, more like Cream's rhythm section perhaps, but with plenty of Hammond organ. At least that's what I'm thinking right now...


Chance Shirley said...

One can never have too much Hammond organ. I am also fond of the Fender Rhodes electric piano.

Andrew Bellware said...

I'm more of a Steinway piano type - guy. But a Clavinet and maybe a Moog or an Arp - now we're talkin!

Chance Shirley said...

I want a Moog for the Interplanetary soundtrack!

Andrew Bellware said...

Dude, you need a theremin! ;-)

Chance Shirley said...

I thought the theremin was a given.