Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yes, Exactly

From The Shriven, here is a classic "Maiden and the Beast" - type image. Steve Nauss is doing the menacing.

This still is, I believe, un-color-corrected.

Looks like a DVD box cover to me...

A closeup. Here we're doing virtually everything wrong from a classic lighting perspective (no kick in her eyes, all side-lit). But I love the chiaroscuro (doesn't that mean "barbecue" in Portuguese?) and the "painterly" quality of the image.

The medium shot of her is color corrected. I think we'll want a bit more background visible in the final version. Those "cat eyes" are a pair of streetlights outside. They amuse me.

The last image has heavy color-correction. I think the blacks are too crushed and we need to get some more detail back but there are some things really lovely about the skin tone and texture which I'd like to keep. We may end up with a power mask on her which has a different "look" than the rest of the room. Luckily the camera doesn't move in this shot!

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