Friday, May 02, 2008

Happy May Day

I spend all my time working on the punchlist for Solar Vengeance. I have to have screener copies FedEx'ed to our sales rep by Tuesday because he's leaving for France and the Marche du Cannes on Friday. So I'm doing a lot of rendering, mixing, and re-coloring.

We've had very little ADR to do on this picture. There's one scene where we had some mysterious microphone problem, and then there was one line of dialog from Maduka we had to re-do. Other than that, just a smattering of lines which we recorded wild in the field (because we knew at the time we had to) which needed to be synced up and I think we're in fairly decent shape.

Billy Piper never looked this good as the Doctor's companion. I think that the sexiest companion the Doctor has ever had is Freema Agyeman. At least, of all the companions I can think of. I bet there's a world of Internet noise on that subject.

OMG there is. Don't even Google "Doctor Who sexiest companion". You'll regret it.

Oddly, for someone as photogenic as she is on the show, finding a decent still of Freema online is fairly difficult. I think that as a rule they tend to make the companion a bit frumpy, or at least not sexy. I realize that's subjective and arguable, and I'm certainly not as familiar as some with the Dr. Who ouvre but it does seem that they don't want them completely independent and powerful.

The Doctor would never have Mrs. Peel as a companion.

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