Monday, September 05, 2011

Clone Hunter Streaming

Angela Funk in Clonehunter.
Clone Hunter is available for streaming on both FlixFling and Big Star. Actually, it might not be on Big Star yet. But it will be soon.

"Cane is a former planetary cop who resigned in disgrace. He is a freelance clone hunter now, a glorified gun for hire. He and his junior partner, Angela, are hired by Montserrat, a brutal Oligarch, to track down a murderous clone that threatens the stability of Montserrat's private planet. The more Cane and Angela delve into the case the more corruption they discover, until they come face to face with their own darkest secrets and must decide which side they are on."

You know this is not entirely accurate -- for instance we never say that Cain was a former planetary cop although that is an awesome idea. Heck, maybe we should re-make the movie that way! ;-)
And, of course, "Montserrat" is the name of Montserrat Mendez (who acted in Clone Hunter and wrote Earthkiller.) The name of that character in Clone Hunter is actually "Gulliver" and is played by Vincent Marano.

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