Thursday, September 01, 2011

Ninite. For Windows and Linux. It's a multi-installer for a whole batch of useful programs.
I've been reading some labor-law blogs. They're pretty much all universally anti-union. They seem anti-union even when... there's no reason to be.
Labor Board delivers a three-punch knockout for Unions.
  • if an employer voluntarily recognizes a union as a collective bargaining representative for a particular unit of the workforce, then employees in that bargaining unit must wait at least six months to file a decertification petition.
I'm not sure how this is a knock-out punch for unions. On the face of it, this sounds like a good deal for employers. The employer can force employees into the union of the employer's choice -- for at least six months.
  • an existing union will have at least six months after the parties' first bargaining session and no more than one year after the start of bargaining to bargain with the successor company.
I don't really see how this is that big a deal for an employer. If you buy another company, you are beholden to the contracts the company signed. So what? Were you hoping when you bought the company you could abrogate all the debts and contracts?

  • this decision now clears the way for unions "to organize sub-units of an employer -- such as employees of one department -- as opposed to an entire facility." Imagine having to negotiate with ten different micro-bargaining units. Oy! 

Um. Don't you have to do that anyway? If you have a company that big, don't you have an HR department? I mean, really? Isn't negotiating pay your job?
It seems that a lot of management-oriented folks are knee-jerk anti-union. I don't really see the purpose to being anti-union just for the sake of being anti-union.

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