Sunday, April 14, 2013

1301 Day 1 Part 1

Today was the first day of shooting Android Masquerade.
Kimball Brown, Stacey Raymond, Jared Van Heel, Tarantino Smith, and Julia Rae Maldonado in the rebels' hideout.
Caitlin Cisek did an absolutely knock-out job with the costumes.
Kimball Brown, Stacey Raymond, and Jared Van Heel.
The day went a bit longer than I'd intended. We had an 11am call at the train station and were wrapped by 8pm still -- I was tired by the end of it.
One of the ideas we'd had was to shoot in these sort of medium two or three-shots. That, I think, mostly worked.
Stacey Raymond in her techno gear. She has an engine that she's working at. And her jumpsuit is just amazing.

Jared Van Heel interrogates the prisoner.
 The Queen of Mars did all the lighting. I love the way the faces all modeled in the light.
Julia Rae Maldonado looks very different from how she looked in Dragon Realm.
We really haven't seen this environment in any of our movies before. It's almost a set that's built of boxes which hold enormous sheets of glass. And some computer server cases. I think.
More Julia Rae Maldonado.
Caitlin could not have chosen a more perfect wig for Julia. (Poor Julia whumped her thumb really hard in the very first take.)

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