Tuesday, April 02, 2013

On Wireless microphones

Dig this lavalier shoot-out on Vimeo.

Lav Shootout! Sennheiser Me-2 / Tram TR50 / Sanken COS11D / RØDE Lavalier from Chad Johnson on Vimeo.

Honestly, the Sennheiser ME2 doesn't sound too bad. I've used many an MKE-2 in my life and I are tired of 'em. I'm sorta interested in the RODE mics. Otherwise I might go in the direction of the Sannken COS11 mics but then again those COS11's are expensive and I find their shape to be weird.
I'm a-gonna cheap out and get a pair of Sennheiser G3 wireless sets.
The Sennheiser frequency finder is not the most intuitive tool I've ever used. Apparently blocks A and B are best for the New York metropolitan area. That's the word on the street at least.
The best information I can get is:
The Sennheiser ew 135 G3 is available in 3 frequency blocks: A (516 - 558 MHz), B (626 - 668 MHz) and G (566 - 608 MHz).

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