Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Battery Power

I would love to use rechargable batteries for everything. You know, being all green and whatnot. But 9v batteries just haven't been there yet.
The Energizer Advanced Lithium 9v has somewhere between 750 and 1200 milli-Ampere hours (they actually say both on their website and the data sheet itself implies 1000 milli-Amp hours.
Now actually Lectro says that in some very high load situations the iPower out-performs regular lithiums. This is one of the reasons that just using the specification of "mAh" isn't always that helpful. You really have to see how a given battery works with a particular piece of gear.
The Amazon reviews for these 9v rechargeables are actually pretty good. And you'll note that most of the reviewers are using them for wireless.
So I'm getting three Energizers and a pair of the rechargables.

It costs less than $30 each way to take the bus to/from Allentown Pennsylvania from New York City. The secret is knowing that "Allentown" is called "Wescosville" on the Bieber Tours schedule.
And yes, they've already heard every joke you have about "Bieber Tours" so please. No. Just don't.
Today we had a read-through of the rebel team of our Android Masquerade. This is going to be a whole bunch of fun. Our first day of shooting will have us putting out 5 wireless mics for a big ensemble scene. Who doesn't love that?

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