Wednesday, April 24, 2013


So I've blogged about this web series before. High Maintenance.
You know how most short films are too long? They manage to really do an excellent job of getting the right pacing and the right thing for the story. The target of the story is a denouement which actually works. I really think these are well directed and well edited. This particular episode, I think, is my favorite. And that's a determination I came to even before I found out that Nat Cassidy is in it.

Really smart. Establishes the feel brilliantly. They do that thing where they do three whole sequences of things -- waking up, going to watch birds, going to work, before the story really gets started but they reveal the details of the character's life through subtle reveals. Very very smart.

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Nat said...

Well, I mean, it's certainly their handsomest episode.