Friday, April 05, 2013

Diatomaceous Earth

I feel like we hit some kind of high point here.
Tell me how this isn't the perfect band photograph.
The interesting thing between me and Greg is that he and I come from very different approaches toward the guitar and music. What I've been saying is that Greg tends to play "harmonically" whereas I tend to play "melodically". That's not really true of course, but it's an interesting way to think about it.
This is the first band I've been in where I wasn't the only guitar player. So we've had to learn how to play inside one another's styles.
And here, with the jams Diatomaceous Earth Part I and the last part of Illustrious Motorcar, I think we've really achieved something. My feeling is that we've found a place where the unique flavor of each member of the band does the "thing they do" and it meshes the most organically.
So, you realize, that these recordings are really just for us in the band to listen to. They don't make any sense for public consumption. But Diatomaceous Earth is relatively close to something we could actually release on a record. Heck, if that's not City Samanas then it'll be Pleasure for the Empire 'cause, you know, it sort of sounds like a song a band called "Pleasure for the Empire" would play, right?

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