Friday, April 19, 2013

Kick Me

Kevin Kangas is doing a Kickstarter for his new movie Garden of Hedon. One big difference is that he's kickstarting a movie which has already been made.

That's an interesting way to go with a Kickstarter project.
Fund his project and make it a lot of money please.
Thing with me is that I adamantly refuse to enter the 21st Century and get a BluRay player. 


Kangas said...

Thanks! And yeah, if it makes a lot of money then maybe YOU could do it...I don't know what you make on movies(I can prolly guess) but I bet this could be a viable option for you to make more, and would leave full control up to you. (no more pesky DELIVERABLES! No more QC...)

Andrew Bellware said...

Ha! Yes. The ten thousand cash budget (plus overhead, which is at least another twelve) might be taken care of. What I NEED is to be able to consistently bring in $100K rather than about $30K for each movie we see now.