Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 4 (Reel 3B)

I do like that the GH3 names files sequentially AND doesn't seem to go back to "1" when one re-formats the camera.
But boy, shooting at a high bit rate takes up data like crazy. We only get about an hour on a 32-GB SD card.
Martian art. Created by the Queen, thereof.

Brianna June Tillo, Joe Chapman (er, "raising the roof"? I have no idea), Mary Hodges, and Jared Van Heel getting ready for the big operation.
 Call time was 12:30pm in Jersey City. We got back to Jersey City by about 1am. I need a nap.
Mary Hodges with a very wicked syringe filled with nanobots.

Mary Hodges.
 All 1600 ISO all f2.8 at a shutter of 1/50 all day long.
Brianna June Tillo waiting for her sister.
 I have a feeling that the high bit rate will help with the blacks. Keeping them from getting all grainy. I do have to figure out why the camera looks slightly out of focus just before we start rolling. I'm sure there's a reason.
One android against a nation of a million robots (to be inserted).

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