Saturday, June 01, 2013

Dreams of Space

Brian Schiavo turned me onto this trailer. I thought it was for a feature. But it's for a TV show.
Which is, you know, pretty interesting.

Last night I had this vivid dream about a 70's/80's John Carpenter movie that I'd "forgotten about" (meaning it doesn't exist in real life). A crew on a long-term space voyage find a derelict ship. It's an action movie with lots of guns. I was all like "Oh man, Chance Shirley has to write the unofficial remake of this."
But then somebody woke me up after I'd only seen the first 20 or 30 minutes in my dream. So I have no idea how it ends. And before you ask; no, I can't go back to sleep and pick up a dream where I'd left off.

Hey -- does anybody know what happened to the two space helmets which were on top of the set at the shop? I know about the helmet in the office, it's the other two I can't find.

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Kangas said...

Looks cool. Karl Urban is the shit! I'm gonna pretend this is a Judge Dredd prequel.