Thursday, June 06, 2013


Rehearsal Wednesday night. Schecter bass going into the Aphex preamp (I'm sort of under the impression that only the right channel of that preamp works as it should, but it may be simply that it never warmed up properly.)
Lou likes his cymbals low. Normally that might be irksome for an engineer trying to record toms separately from the cymbals but since we go with a simple 3-microphone setup on the drums it actually makes life easier because the cymbals are about as far from the overhead mics as the toms are -- making the cymbals relatively less loud in the recording.
Other than being scolded for my general lack of musicianship the rehearsal went very well.
Of course, this helped:
My view of the rehearsal with Lou.
No, the Avalons are not ours. We don't use them. The bourbon, however, was Bulleit.

Above this text is (or should be) links to songs we recorded. That Bandcamp album will be getting updated with more materials over the next several days. 
Musical lubricant with Greg and Lily.

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