Sunday, June 02, 2013

Reign o' Dragon

Check it out, there's a little write up of Dragon Reign on Dread Central. This write-up is based on the trailer.

Here is my favorite quote:

"I had to do some Google searching to try and find any other information about the film since it does not yet have an IMDB page and Halcyon couldn’t be bother to list any credits on its website. I do believe my Googling turned up confirmation that Dragon Reign is directed by Andrew Bellware (Prometheus Trap, Android Insurrection, Alien Uprising). As for the cast, I’m sure they’re all fine people whoever they are."

I can assure you, the cast are delightful people. 


Unknown said...

I hear the guy who plays the hillbilly cannibal is really a hillbilly cannibal and that the lead bad guy with a mustache, i hear his mustache is real

Andrew Bellware said...

You hear a great many things out there in the rumor mill that is Los Angeles. You shouldn't believe any of 'em.