Tuesday, June 18, 2013

That then, which what.

You want random notes that don't make sense to anyone but me?
I can give you those.
I visited a studio recently. They had a pretty complete preamp collection -- including 8 channels of API, some Great River, even a pair of the same Neve 1272's by Brent Averill that I have. Funny thing was that their monitors were those Mackie Genelec knockoffs and a pair of the "new" Yamaha NS10's. Which, you know, is so not how I'd go about outfitting the end of an otherwise class-A signal chain.
But you know, that's just me. 
I'm still going back-and-forth in my own head about whether to separately mic the toms or not. Maybe we should just do it and I'll complain about it later? I think that perhaps my biggest complaint is the rattling of snares whenever any other freakin' drum is hit. Why can't the snares just shut up when the kick is smacked? Sheesh.
Preamp list
1. Aphex L
2. Aphex R
3. Lindell L
4. Lindell R
5. Neve 1
6. Neve 2
7. Neve 3
8. Neve 4

Er, so if that's Kick, snare, OH L, OH R, Tom1 and Tom2... that's six channels right there.
So guitar, guitar, bass... that's nine channels altogether.
If we add an adjunct bass then we're staring down the throat of 10 tracks.
Is there a portastudio-like thing that'll record 12 tracks?

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