Wednesday, July 17, 2013

High Speed

So some idiot shot all these POV improvised monologues at "40%" on the GH3. Which means they're at "60p" and, essentially, in slow-motion. Sheesh.
I had tree sap on my lip for hours after shooting this.
That is... less than awesome. Especially when I can't figure out the math. I have to speed it up by... 250%? Is that right? 40, 80, then half of 40... I think so. I'll have to see. But of course it means re-rendering everything. Again. Pleh.
What I was hoping, and this is kind of a giant "hope", is that I'd be able to actually finish the picture cut of the dragon movie today. I have a feeling that won't happen.
Hey -- for the end credits: should we do alphabetical order? I think we usually do.


Laura, Queen of Mars said...

Interesting. Yes, alphabetical. And post some stuff on Vimeo so your faraway collaborators can see! Also, did you do something on your blogs that lets advertisers link to key words? Or is that on my side somehow?

Andrew Bellware said...

Alphabetical -- check.
I have no idea where you're seeing ads. In your email? Crimea, why are we talking via blog comments? That's probably the lowest form of communication possible.

Kangas said...

I guess you're not working on premiere, are you? I think you can just reinterpret the clips right after you drag them in, then you wouldn't have to re-render.