Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Future of the Machine

Over the last 6 years (I actually went back into my Google Documents and checked old spreadsheets) every time I do a calculation of the realistic minimum amount of money a company needs in receivables each year just to stay afloat sustainably the number is... $250,000.
A quarter of a million dollars.

So we have to push way up there. We have to do a better job in the details of our art department (see photo above). More grit, more grime. Oddly we can mass-produce those sorts of details. We will.
And we have to produce much, much more. One day we might be able to see more than that from "catalog" sales but right now we're targeting 8 movies in a year. This year we've been on track to shoot three pictures. That's cool but I bet we could get up to 4. 2014 however, that's gotta be 8.
And sure, there will be some repurposed and re-used sets or set pieces. But we'll go to every effort to make them not obvious.
And that's that.

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