Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Prometheus Trap review

Fair enough, this is a review of Prometheus Trap.

Movie Reviews I Monkeys I Vampires - Stupid Blue Planet: Mockbusted #4: The Prometheus Trap and Alien Origi...: I didn't get the chance to review Ridley Scott's pseudo-Alien prequel Prometheus for this site, as I saw it several months before...

Honestly I don't know where the movie is as far as North American distribution goes. I see it's available in the UK on DVD.
Barbara Stanwyck never had these problems.
Today's big project in the Pandora Machine is to create interstitials in Dragon Reign. Right now we just have these monologual or monologulist "bookends". But this morning's shower inspiration was to simply go through and put some direct-to-camera in every act. I'll tell you how that goes when we're done.

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