Saturday, August 03, 2013

Joe Chapman's advice on SCUBA

Don't forget rule numero uno: breathe! Or your head will explode.  Also, when scuba diving, the surface is your enemy - get as far below it as possible.  Let yourself sink, and love the deep. Above all, remain relaxed at all times. Don't fight with bouyancy, especially in a pool - just settle to the bottom, relax for a bit, and then start tapping a little air into your bc to figure it out. And when sinking, GENTLY valsalva - GENTLY! 
Too many people turn learning to dive into a stressful fight - don't!

Be the fish god intended for you to be. As long as that regulator is feeding you air, you're a fish. Flash a thumbs up to the instructor(s) a lot - it makes them feel like you're not dying and they'll leave you alone.  (Yeah, you're gonna want to use the "okay" sign, even though, technically, it should be the sign for "deadly 3 tentacled octopus!") But if you have to pee, use the thumbs up then surface and make your way to the nearest restroom because if you pee in the pool while breathing compressed air then you could explode and as I've stated earlier - big mess that nobody likes.

Also, BREATHE! Or you'll explode, and nobody wants to clean up that mess.

Also, keep your cell phone in your BC pocket, and if you have any questions while you're below, call me.

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