Friday, August 16, 2013

Silent Running

I just had the most frustrating customer experience at my local dive shop, PanAqua. I came in to get fitted for and to rent and buy the gear I need for my open water dives. At first I was being helped but then another customer came in so the two people working decided to swap customers.
This meant that the woman helping me decided to take time out to call someone and tell them how incredibly busy she was. You know, rather than actually getting me checked out. So busy. Oh. So busy.

Getting information was like pulling teeth. And it's a real problem when you don't know what you don't know. Meaning, that I realized I didn't know stuff, but I didn't even know in what categories I didn't know stuff. So: the dive computer. Never touched one before. Are we planning dives with this thing? It only has two buttons. The cover is scratched up to the point where it's a tad difficult to read. Is there some sort of manual for it? One I can read? Somewhere? Who knows?
I seriously and fundamentally have no idea what I'm doing next weekend. I mean, is this safe? Should I be looking into another dive shop for my open water dives?

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Joe Falcon said...


If you don't feel safe, go back and get the answers or return the equipment and go to another dive shop.

Like anything new, if your not confident in your equipment deal with it before you use it. If you have a dive instructor or leader contact them, they will help for obvious reasons.

The switching of staff between customers is bad, and the woman you got was wrong to make a phone call especially with someone who is new to the sport.