Thursday, April 03, 2008


I actually think that Infernal does a better job with the Ultravox song Vienna than Ultravox did.

Note to all non-Americans: no American has even heard of Ultravox. You might find some guys in Chelsea who know who Infernal are. But except for that 47-year-old woman who wears her bleach-blonde hair very short and owns the bead store at the mall, nobody here has any idea who Ultravox are.

If you've never heard the song you might want to look at Infernal's first so as to not prejudice yourself.



But here at least there's nudity in Ultravox:


Laura, Queen of Mars said...

Infernal rocks harder, true. But I like the angst-ridden pain-filled understated lyricism of Ultravox better. And Midge Ure's phrasing makes the song work with his interior 16-year-old's howl.

Andrew Bellware said...

The only pain involved is the audience having to look at Midge's ugly-ass mustache. Good grief, even Freddy Mercury had a better looking mustache.