Monday, April 14, 2008

Shriven Shooting

Here are a couple stills from the shooting we did yesterday (Sunday) in the beautiful community of Gowanus. That still of Brian walking in front of the eloquent and erudite graffiti is the kind of look I was sort of fantasising about getting on this picture.

This eye closeup is of Shelleen. Got me one of them fancy-pants macro lenses on eBay and I gotta say: it does the trick.

Yesterday was a hard day but we learned that our makeup artist, Cristina Atkin, is as brilliant as we thought. This broken open head gag looked awesome.
Here she is working on Shelleen. And then putting blood on Brian. To render out one reel of dailies, I've got a Mac G5 doing a 19-hour render. Same thing, I'm sure, to get the second reel up.

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jengordonthomas said...

that eye close-up is beauty-ful! you know, it's fun to watch your progression drew!