Thursday, April 03, 2008

Here Comes Everybody

I just saw an interview on the Colbert Report with Clay Shirky, who wrote "Here Comes Everybody". He's written a couple other books about social organization and the interwebs.

I ran into him a couple years ago on the street when I was walking home from the New York Film Academy.

Clay worked as the production manager at the Wooster Group when I was there. That would be long about 1992 or so. Clay was one of the people at the Wooster Group who wasn't actually dysfunctional himself. I always liked him. Kinda wondered what he was doing there. Obviously, he escaped.

(Once he got really mad at me in Lisbon because I just laughed when he told me that our truck was, like, two days late coming from Zurich. My attitude was that when there's nothing to do about something you just laugh about it, I mean I was just one of three (!) sound designers, but I'm sure for him it was an enormous amount of pressure.)

And in the meantime I got my Warmoth neck. I like the headstock more than I thought I would. It's darker than the Bear headstock. It needs a nut. I gotta get Ethan to cut a nut. I'm going to say that again. "I gotta get Ethan to cut a nut."

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