Monday, April 21, 2008

Shriven Color Tests

Final Cut Pro does not export still images that are at the same aspect ratio in square pixels as the image is in the camera. Thanks guys! Who would ever want to export images from the timeline to use on webpages or anything? I know you probably don't want to change the aspect ratio of any still image sequences, but someday you just might want to use images from the timeline for other purposes. But you know what they say, Apple is Perfect. And thanks for not making that an option!

So far all I can figure to do is to export the stills from the timeline and then open them in Photoshop and stretch the 960x720 image to 1280x720 in order to create images for web pages and blogs and suchly.

This is the "Cold and Hot" (or the "Hot and Cold") look from Magic Bullet. I made a version which is two stops brighter and two stops darker in order to cover our bases. I dunno, it might make a decent look for the whole picture.

Brian Schiavo.

Nadia el-Dassouki.

Cheutine Fong.

Brian and Nadia.

I got all the footage of Solar Vengeance out today to our sales rep so they could cut a trailer. He gave me plenty of time to get that material rendered out and delivered to him. He told me on Friday.

Aargh -- there's a bit of vignetting on these shots. I saw where it happened too. Brian asked me to go in to be an extra in a shot so I had to tell him where the "big red button" was on the camera. But after hitting it he also hit the zoom on the camera, which yanked it slightly out of alignment. Poopity. I didn't notice it (because you can't see the problem in the viewfinder really) 'till working with this footage.

I'll reset the camera for next week.


Chance Shirley said...

I'm really liking the look of this stuff, especially the young woman in the back seat (Cheutine?).

Keep it up.

How long 'til wrap?

Andrew Bellware said...


At least three months 'till wrap. Shooting on weekends, don't cha know...