Sunday, April 20, 2008

More and more

From The Shriven, here are some screen grabs (no color correction, no letterboxing):

Lucy Rayner

Nancy Melleo, Eric Bailey, Cheutine Fong, Dan Berkey. (Yeah, it looks a bit dark on a computer monitor because the gamma on your monitor is different from real-life, that is to say NTSC).

Eric, Nancy, Cheutine, Dan, looking at device.

I've got two Macs here, almost ground to a halt over these renders. That's why I'm not color correcting this first reel. Plus, silly Final Cut Pro doesn't output stills at the correct aspect ratio just by default. I gotta go smack it later. Better yet, I'll tell it how much better PC's are. Yeah, that'll get them to shape up...

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