Monday, April 28, 2008

Shoot me!

Here's a shot from yesterdays enormous outdoors shoot. None of the score of extras we had in this still, just Brian and Nadia being shot at by a passing car...

As always, these stills are just a tad darker on your computer monitor than they are in "real life".


I have every reason to believe that Planar RGB compression is lossless. There is very very little information about it on the netterwebs. But we certainly lose a lot of file - size "weight" by using it. I can't see any difference when looking at individual frames between uncompressed video and Planar RGB. I suspect that it does a great job at compression because it sees that letterbox which is just black on the top and bottom of the frame and doesn't need to re-render that part of the image.

If anybody knows anything about Planar RGB (which is a standard Quicktime preset) please tell me. It seems to be able to handle 32-bit float (I know, I could do some tests, but I haven't yet). And it doesn't seem to cost a lot of processing power. I tried to read the white paper on it but I didn't understand it. Is it really lossless? Is there any reason not to deliver in it rather than uncompressed?


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