Sunday, August 10, 2008

Anime Eyes

So there are these extra wide contact lenses for making you look like an anime character. It would amuse me to make the hologramatic AI in The Uprising more cos-play-y like that.

Not that the rest of the picture is anything like that aesthetically. Which is sorta the point.

Hopefully the movie will be cast soon as it looks like we actually have a schedule to shoot it. We begin principal photography on Wednesday the 3rd of September. As we can't shoot on weekdays at my dad's metal shop, we'll be shooting for 4 weekends in a row starting on the 13th and ending on October 5th.

We'll be doing quite a bit of documentary-style handheld work on this picture. I suck at handheld so I'm gonna have to get much better very quickly. We'll likely be shooting on a 50mm and a 35mm for most of that.

I gotta find someone to pull focus.

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