Saturday, August 30, 2008

Neu To Due

I've promised myself that I won't get all anxious or overly worked-up before we begin principal on the next movie. Of course, that would be easier to do if we'd got cast a little bit more than a week out (I think on the last movie it was even less than a week because of last - minute dropouts.) And it would be easier if we'd had all our costumes more ahead of time (we're waiting for a shipment which will come in the day before we start shooting -- meaning Tuesday). I haven't even met the lead (which makes this more like a Studio picture from the 30's ;-).

But we'll just shoot the picture. We've done that before. And we don't need to worry about the really difficult sets because they're already built.

Tomorrow I'm going to go over the script in detail, print out some stickers and iron-on patches, and print out some contracts.

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