Friday, August 01, 2008

Putting it to Bed

Today, apparently, our sales rep got paid for both Millennium Crisis and Solar Vengeance from the distributor in Russia. This is good news, seeing as how I'm broke.

It also means we're puttin' this puppy to bed. I'm done with mixing and with tweaking. I'm rolling off the "flattened" version of the movie -- the pan-and-scan (non-letterboxed) version of the picture which they seem to insist so much on overseas. They also only want a stereo mix, none of this 5.1 mixing which I spend so much time on.

We're sending the movie to the lab next week -- where they're going to make DigiBeta copies. And we'll try to figure out what we're doing for North American distribution (where we have a little more ability to insist on widescreen letterboxed version with 5.1 mix.

Here is a better version of "I Love Sarah Jane". Spencer Susser is the director, apparently he is a commercial director and editor.

What I love most about this short is how the kids interact. Man, I knew all those kids growing up. Plus, we had a zombie in the backyard too. I don't remember what my dad did with it though...

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Chance Shirley said...

I can't believe they still want pan and scan. Is it still 1985 over there?

Congrats on wrapping everything up!