Monday, August 18, 2008

Where (some of us) are at.

This is Helen Mirren at age 63. Yeah, I know.

We've been ordering flashlights and helmets, and making sure that we're getting weapons. We're going to need some medical supplies and hospital gowns. Maybe some blood, if we're getting low, a 32 GB P2 card, and a passenger van.

Oh, and rechargable AAA batteries. We're going to need quite a few of those.

Presumably we'll be cast soon. I'm not even really paying attention to that. Heh. Lanie will tell me (or not) who's in the movie with almost a week to spare before we start shooting.

The schedule is writ in stone though. And we start on the 3rd of September in fabulous Forked River, NJ.

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Joshua James said...

Holy shit!

That ain't far away!

Holy shit!