Monday, August 04, 2008

Timings (One)

The total running time for the overseas version of Solar Vengeance is 1 hour 42 minutes 28 seconds and 9 frames.

The reason the overseas version is different from the English-language North American version is mostly because we tack onto the end of the overseas version any picture which plays under any superimposed titles in the movie. That way if the distributor wants to substitute English language superimposed text with, say, Thai language superimposed text, they have the underlying footage to work with.

All of this makes me want to never do front-title credits and to do end-title credits as white text on a black background. Which is what we do. But because we credit people at the end of the movie, with a still of them from the movie, we need to include those still images as part of our deliverables.

Next step is to compile all our still images and our "dialog list" which is the dialog as it occurs in the movie along with timecode so that distributors can replace and dub as they like.

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Chance Shirley said...

Dialog list! Good times...