Monday, August 25, 2008

Today's Big Tasks

The obnoxious thing about shoes and boots is that they can be so dang expensive yet in a movie you just never freakin' see 'em!

Today we're figuring out which helmet or flak jacket goes to whom. We have 11 Marines we need to outfit. Somebody, of course, needs just a bandanna because they're a badass. We have 9 helmets with the ones Brian lent us. Maybe we'll buy 1 more.

Brian lent us 7 weapons and 4 helmets. That's going to help tremendously.

I've been tracking men's beards. And I've been moving around what characters are exactly where. The script wasn't writ with the exact sets we have in mind. So now we have a big ensemble where not everyone is in one giant room -- things are divided up on the spaceship. So I have to make sure the right actors are called on the right day for the right parts of the right scenes.

I like Under Armour. We're thinking that for some of the leads they'll basically Under Armour as their uniform top. Yep. Everyone wears underwear for the whole picture.


InGenius Festival - Voices from the Writers' Forum said...

Totally not related, but TED Talks is looking for an experience Final Cut Studio editor. I thought you either might be interested or know someone who is:

Andrew Bellware said...

I'll send that link around. There's a few people in these parts who may be interested. Thanks!